About us and PRA-prcd testing

PRA-prcd tests are done by Slovak laboratory Dajbych Slovakia. Diagnostic method is based on determination of G/A 1298 mutation in canine prcd gene. There is a patent for PRA-prcd testing in some countries – for example USA, EU. European patent EP1609876 – Identification of the gene and mutation for progressive rod-cone degeneration in dog and method for testing same – has been granted in all designated contracting states excluded Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey.

We offer our services to customer all over the world, not only to Slovak customers.

Laboratory PrcdTest was established as a branch office of Czech genetic lab Genomia s.r.o. Genomia is the biggest animal genetic lab in central Europe. Because of European patent EP1609876 force in CZ, Genomia is not allowed to examine PRA-prcd in Czech Republic. So that Genomia has made a branch office in Slovak republic, where this patent had not been granted. Slovak laboratory does just PRA-prcd test.

You could find all tests offer of Genomia lab on www.genomia.cz. Genomia does for example eye diseases CEA, PRA-rcd3, CSNB, than drug resistance MDR1, cystinuria, feline PKD1 and some others.