Genetic tests for dogs

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1-9 tests 10 and more 1-9 tests 10 and more
All affected breeds - list of affected breeds
Prcd 60.00 EUR 54.00 EUR 50.00 EUR
50.00 USD
45.00 EUR
45.00 USD
Test Price Price
Combined offer for English Cocker Spaniels
Prcd + Familiar nephropathy 100.00 EUR 82.64 EUR
94.00 USD
Combined offer for Australian Sheperds
Prcd + MDR1 96.00 EUR 79.34 EUR
90.00 USD
Combined offer for Poodles, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles
Prcd + vWD I 96.00 EUR 79.34 EUR
90.00 USD
Combined offer for several breeds
Prcd + PLL 80.00 EUR 66.12 EUR
76.00 USD
Sampling kits can be ordered at website.
PrcdTest laboratory does not send sampling kits.
All kit prices include international shipping. Kit payment via PayPal or VISA/MC only. kit for 1-5 dogs Buy 9 EUR 11 USD kit for 6-10 dogs Buy 14 EUR 17 USD kit for 11-15 dog Buy 16 EUR 20 USD

Order form in PDF

How to order the test?

1 - Test order form

Printable order form in PDF HERE!

2 - Collecting samples

Cheek swab sampling instructions

  1. For collecting sample from one dog, you should prepare 2 sterile cotton swabs or 2 sterile cytobrushes and 1 clean paper envelope.
  2. The dog's oral cavity should be clean. It is recommended not to serve food or water for 15 minutes before sampling.
  3. Legibly write sample identification on the paper envelope.
  4. Repeat following process (A-D) with both swabs/cytobrushes:
    1. Remove the swab/brush from its cover. Take care not to touch other tissues except sampled dog's buccal tissue.
    2. With the tip of the swab/brush, swab the inside of the cheek for at least 5 seconds. Change the direction of movement and rotate the brush gently. Be thorough. In the end of sampling a visible amount of material should be collected.
    3. Hold the swab/brush to dry for a minute.
    4. Insert the swab/brush into the paper envelope.
  5. Seal up the small envelope with both swab/brush inside.
  6. Pack into addressed bubble envelope and dispatch as soon as possible. Samples should be dispatched through regular mail.

See video instructions at Youtube.

Blood sampling instructions

  1. Use new sterile syringe and needle for each animal.
  2. Collect unclotted blood into the test tube with EDTA, 0.5 to 1 ml of full blood is enough for successful analysis.
  3. Invert the tube several times to mix the blood with anticoagulant thoroughly.
  4. Put the tube into labelled bag and seal well.
  5. Legibly write sample identification on the label.
  6. Store tube in the refrigerator (do NOT freeze) and dispatch as soon as possible.
  7. While packing, make sure the tube can't be broken ant the contents spilled during transport (wrap the tube in some serviette).
  8. Samples should be dispatched through regular mail.

Notice: Your Kennel Club can have specific requirements for collecting samples. Samples taken without confirmation of the identity of the relevant individual by an independent authority may not be recognized by the Kennel Club.

3 – Shipping of samples and ordering forms

  • Please, store samples in dry conditions.
  • Send samples as soon as possible in a bubble envelope.

Send samples by normal postal service. Do not use special delivery companies because they are not able to deliver into our P.O. Box. Thank you for understanding. Send samples to address:

Dajbych Slovakia, s.r.o.
P.O.BOX 38
040 13 Kosice

The customer is informed about sample delivery to the laboratory via an automatically generated e-mail.

4 – How to pay for tests

You can pay for the tests by bank transfer or by VISA/MASTERCARDcard via PayPal service. Bank account number:

IBAN: SK4109000000000448680913
banka: Slovenska sporitelna, a.s. Bratislava

If you prefer paying by VISA/MASTERCARDcard, we will send you PayPal money request as soon as the samples drive to the laboratory.

Results will be sent to you after receiving the payment.

Sample PDF report

5 – Test results

Result reports are usually completed at the latest in 7 days – please, contact us in case you do not have results in 7 days - there may be a problem with e-mail communication.

All reports are in English language only. Result reports will be sent to you by e-mail as pdf-file.

Results reports are in accordance with ISO 17025.